Follicle is a hybrid documentary film about how hair and imagery create barriers that limit people of the African Diaspora from reaching their true identity. With insight, humor and depth, the film will define where these barriers originate and how they’ve become ingrained in the psyche of people of color across the globe. Filmmaker Rhadamés Julián explores these issues by taking the viewer on an organic first person quest through several countries, talking to scholars, performers, and everyday people about how these issues affect our society and how we can make a change.

Follicle will show the historical perspective to help connect what happened in the past to what happens today and what has to be done to change the way things are now. A narrative story with a superhero element will be interwoven through the documentary, addressing the lack of positive and powerful images of people of color in film and television. By taking control over how we represent ourselves, people of color will undeniably benefit from having a stronger sense of identity, connection to the past, and ultimately, empower future generations to define themselves. The goal of the film is to ignite a global movement by motivating people of color to reject false imagery, reject false icons and return to their natural hair state.